Nice to meet you!

Danielle Brodersen

Artful Designer and motivational speaker. Uses her powers of speech and craftiness to help the world understand design a little bit better every day.

Luke Brodersen

Technical Designer and draw-er of things. Loves exploring new ways for the Future Friends team to expand our Future Friends empire (insert maniacal laugh).

Katie Provenza

Intrepid Designer and lover of donuts. Vacillates between the technical and artistic design worlds to create the near perfect complimentary designer.

Crystal Jones

Oft Designer yet mainly Developer. Sets the
boundaries in which we understand things that seem otherwordly at times (web development). Also is awesome.

Mackenzie Rockwood

Creative Designer and bubbly personality. Loves to set the conversations ablaze with interesting topics whilst designing some damn fine looking stuff.

Ben Becker

Do-it-all design whiz kid and master of yo-yo tricks. His dedication to detail and knowledge of all things design grow stronger every day. One day he will rule the world.